Go a little bit out of your depth. And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting” – David Bowie

It ain’t always easy being zapped by the creative wand, so these workshops aim to introduce you to a musical tribe of peers and professionals, as you are guided towards making the very most of your original piece. Remember – if you didn’t exist, neither would your creation, so be brave and share it!


Your age is irrelevant (as long as you’re 10 or above), and as long as you throw yourself with gusto into the weekend and soak up everything it offers. You and your musical output are totally unique. YAMI aims to harness that and add to your quality of life and future career path.

Share Your Sound

How brave are you feeling? Be one of four people/bands to have a pre-recorded demo played in front of the professional panel. They will give guidance, advice and steer you towards getting your song release-ready. Those in the audience can take away tips for their own pieces. Pre-booking essential: email us at info@yami.nz

Writing for Others

Many professional songwriters around the world write songs or instrumental pieces for others to use or perform, and NZ is no exception. For all those songs that don’t seem quite right for you or your band, our tutors will guide you towards other options. Have one song ready and an idea of where it might fit…

Singing in Harmony

This is your chance, whether child or adult to join in with experienced tutors and like-minded people who wish to up their harmonising skills. Be prepared to join the choir behind the mics onstage too, so bring along your voice and an open heart!

Song Writing

Working alongside professional musicians, your original song will be developed into a performable piece. Bring your instrument, your chords, plus any arrangement ideas and be open to the possibility of having a few extra instruments or BVs added in. Indicate early on if you’d like the chance to perform your original on stage at the Yami Showcase on Sunday night, and tutors will do their best to get you there.

Demo It

If you have a completed song in demo form, this is your chance to access the best recording and production advice as you prepare to make the most of your epic original! Bands, solos or duos welcome. Pre-booking essential. Email us at info@yami.nz