The internet has facilitated the most direct and efficient, compact relationship ever between band and audience.” – Steve Albini

Hear from the music professionals who have forged a career in the music industry and are not afraid to share the realities of the business, how to make money as a musician, along with tips for you to get heard. Don’t be afraid to put a question to the panel at the end of the session, or meet up afterwards in the cafe for a quieter chat. Most panels are open to Youth/Adult only.

Share Your Sound

How brave are you feeling? Be one of four people/bands to have a pre-recorded demo played in front of the professional panel. They will give guidance, advice and steer you towards getting your song release-ready. Those in the audience can take away tips for their own pieces. Pre-booking essential: email us at

Down to Business

Pivotal information on everything from licensing to distribution. The experts from Bandcamp, APRA AMCOS, NZ on Air and Recorded Music NZ guide you through the hurly-burly hurdles and hoops of releasing, protecting and promoting your music.

Fans & Festivals, Fame & Fortune

Want to get the fans screaming and your songs streaming? Hear from musicians, curators, distributors and festival directors on how to get your music out there, and what to do when you make it. . .

You & New Revenue Avenue$

Musicians and industry experts are upfront about those diverse income streams it took them years to get to grips with. What can you claim back on your tax return? How do you survive as a new artist? And just how much is enough in this new era of the Creative Industries?

Artists ‘Avin A Banter

Put the Questions to the Artists and hear their take on the biggest traps, the best advice they ever got, how they get their songs published, and more.

The Musical Future

What do the industry experts NZ foresee as the realistic future for NZ artists and their music in the digital age? How can Music Technology affect you as a creative? And what are three things you MUST know as we head towards the 2020s…?